Who attends to LALEXPO?

Who can attend to LALEXPO?

Which Kind of Companies Attend LALEXPO?

Can I Get a List of Companies attending LALEXPO ?

Guests permitted to attend?

When would I be denied entry to the show?


Each year LALEXPO attracts a growing international and Latin-American base of approximately 1,500 business professionals from a wide range of companies representing all aspects of the online and adult business world.

Any credentialed member of the Online Business Community. Please note: Because LALEXPO is a business-to-business, education and trade event, the general public is not permitted to attend. All the attendees must have adults.

Among the various companies in attendance are Billing, Mobile, Ad Networks, Pay Site Programs, Designers, Software Solutions, E-payment, Marketing, Photography, Talent Agencies, SEO, Video Production, Apps and Programing.

As a registered attendee you are able to access the Companies data under the WHO IS COMING button. You can directly contact those Companies via email or using any of the information they filled in to send them messages and meeting requests.

No one without a badge may attend the show, or receive temporary entrance, or stay at the Show Hotel.

LALEXPO reserves the right to deny registration or entry to any individual or entity for any reason, including failure to meet standards of conduct (including, but not limited to, engaging in violent, illegal, threatening or discriminatory conduct against any of the participants or the event itself).


How can I get a LALEXPO Ticket?

Where Do I Get My LALEXPO Badge?

Will You Mail My LALEXPO Badge to Me?

Can I Pick Up My Friend’s or Co-worker’s Badge?

How Do I Make a Change to the Information on My LALEXPO Badge?

I dont want my real name to appear on the Participants list nor in the Badge, how can I change it ?


To Obtain a Ticket to attend the 7th Edition of LALEXPO you need to register your data in the Sign Up option on our website, then enter to your profile and click in Obtain Badge or Buy Ticket. Another way to obtain a ticket is with a discount code or invitation. The ways to get a Code are: - Get an Affiliate Code from a Sponsor - Contact Organizers to get an Invitation Code.

You can pick your badge up in person at the Registration Booth from February 17th-20th. You must present a government issued photo ID.

No, LALEXPO badges may only be picked up in person at the conference.

Each LALEXPO attendee must pick up their own badge and present their government issued photo ID at the on-site Registration booth.

The Badge Name and Company can be changed from your Account area on the Website. Information can also be changed on site by request at the time of badge pickup.

To modify the listed name: Log in your LALEXPO Profile Choose the Profile link and "Change name on Badge".


How can I be a sponsor of LALEXPO?

How can I Reserve-Buy, Order a Sponsorship ?

Can I promote my business at the show? Can non-sponsors display marketing materials?


Sponsorship opportunities can be found in our website under BE OUR SPONSOR button. Please contact in case you need additional information.

To Sponsor : - Log into your LALEXPO Account - Go to BE OUR SPONSOR link - Choose the Sponsorship of your preference - Click the option BUY By doing so we would receive a Reservation request, and when is approved you will receive a confirmation to realize the payment.

No. LALEXPO is a Sponsors dependent Event all paid by Sponsors. You can not promote your business in a big manner if you are not a Sponsor. You would be permitted the distribution of business cards, but no banners or fliers can be taken into the show


How Can I Get LALEXPO Information as It Happens?

What are the registration requirements?

What is Lalexpo?

What can I found in LALEXPO?


All information is posted on the LALEXPO website, and in our social media Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Also you can subscribe to our newsletter and receive all our news in your email, or send us an email to

Registrants must be 18 years or older, and make part of the Online or Adult Business community.

Lalexpo is the biggest event of the Adult Industry in LatinAmerica, and is one of the largest worlwide. Our main goal is to professionalize the industry, provide a space for our attendees and sponsors to create business relationships, train themselves, advertised their brand and grow hand in hand to generate a position in the market.

In Lalexpo we have conferences, seminars, panels, activities and parties. In our website you can find our schedule, that details everyday all the events that we have. Also, you can be in contact with all our sponsors in their booths, and also we have our Lalexpo Awards, which are held on the last day of our event.

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